These batteries can act as direct replacements for the TPBAT12-52 and TPBAT12-9. These Lithium Batteries are lighter weight, more effective, and more efficient with 2x the useable power and 4x the cycle life. If you have a current solar system, you can swap these in to replace the current batteries. If you are looking to purchase a new system, make sure to ask us about getting a system with lithium batteries. 

We are very excited about these new batteries so we can expand our product capabilities giving you more options to make your system even better. However, when dealing with lithium batteries, there are a few things to be aware of. Lithium batteries have a more narrow operating temperature range, (32F – 131°F) and there are shipping regulations we need to follow. Lithium batteries are fully regulated by the DOT (49 CFR DG). Some of these regulations will affect you as the customer and we want to make you aware of them: 

1 - There is an extra shipping cost from carriers to ship Dangerous Good batteries. 

2 - We are only certified to ship these batteries by ground or Freight service within the continental United States. 

3 - There is a direct signature requirement when receiving these batteries, meaning someone needs to be at the place of delivery for the delivery driver to release the batteries. 

4 - Because these batteries are fully regulated by the DOT, you must be certified to ship, making the Lithium batteries non-returnable.

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